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Learning another languages should teach me patience, with myself. That it is a process of acquiring a new skill and it will take time. Immersion helps but it's only been a week! Today, I was annoyed with me because I could not follow what the library lady was explaining. It was too much effort to decipher her that I zoned out and just relied on the translation. made no extra effort to follow along. Shame on me.

However, the library is today's victory as well - I am in possession of a library card! And have checked-out my first book from the Zurich Central Bibliotheque. In a city where I think there is just one English-Language book store, Orell Fuessli, it's going to come in handy to have access to English language books.


In the spirit of immersing myself in the language, went to a German movie. Nicht so smart! Fell asleep in the first 30 minutes. Then woke up to realize that it was a German-French movie and the sub-titles changed between the two languages. So there was no real hope of me toggling between German and French. Now I don't feel so bad.

The highlight of the day was a hamburger cook book. See for yourself.


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Sticker Shock in Switzerland

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Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, Tall, Soy, Extra Hot, No Foam, Single Pump. 6 Swiss Franks for a Tall! Really seriously, yes. Grande in the US costs about $4 and the shorter Tall here is $6.47. WTH. And for those of you who've been on this rollercoaster with me before, remember how pleased I was that I didn't cook in Singapore, for the ridiculous prices they have for foreign food!


Since I am fussing about cost of living, here's another one: An apartment half the size of the one in the US is just a bit more expensive. Another way of saying this is that housing is twice as expensive. What makes it fun is if it's not an apartment I want, I could instead just filter my online search by options such as Castle, Cave House, or Granny Flat!

COLA options

Trip to a grocery store; This one is called Coop. To say the least, now I know why the Swiss are so efficient: As they walk through the aisles, they use a hand held bar code scanner (or Coop's mobile app) to scan each item, and bag it then and there. The scanner shows them a running total of how much they have spent, and they bag as they go, and when they check out, all they do is hand the scanner to the checkout person, and swipe their card. Easy-breezy-lemon squeezy!

Case study: http://www.re-vision.nl/self-scanning-case-studies/self-scanning-coop

They've had this for almost a decade. Walmart just started Scan-n-Go a few months ago. And if we ever got that efficient, what would happen to the bagging jobs. Would Baggers then move on to value-add jobs or would they stand in line for unemployment? Wonder what such efficiency (or the lack of) does to the fabric of a nation. Are we stronger because we create jobs, however meaningless the job maybe?

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